Chart plotter:Chart a course and track your position using OpenCPN, a concise and robust Chart Plotter Navigation software designed to be used at the helm station of your boat while underway.
Dashboards:Build instrument panels to visualize data.
Weather:Download and visualization of GRIB files using XyGrib.
NMEA 0183:Connect to your NMEA 0183 devices to receive and send data.
NMEA 2000:Connect to your NMEA 2000 network to receive and send data.
Signal K:The free and open source universal marine data exchange format.
Access point:Share NMEA and Signal K data with laptops, tablets and phones.
Headless:Access to OpenPlotter desktop from the cockpit through your mobile devices.
Compass:Heading and heel from an IMU sensor. Tilt compensated. Self-calibration.
Autopilot:Build a cheap, accurate and complete autopilot with pypilot.
Sensors:Connect multiple sensors for temperature (air, sea, motor, exhaust, fridge…), pressure, humidity, light, gas, smoke, batteries charge, tanks level, wind, opening doors, motion, switches…
IoT:Receive or send data to your boat while you are away through Telegram, Mastodon, e-mail, MQTT…
SDR:Receive voice or decode AIS using cheap Software Defined Radio receptors.
Hardware:Dedicated hardware specially designed for OpenPlotter like the Moitessier HAT.