Status LEDs

../_images/leds1.png ../_images/leds2.png

Error Output

The ERROR LED indicates the following error types:

  • Minor/temporary error: Every NMEA source (AIS, GNSS) and every NMEA output (SPI interface to Raspberry Pi) is assigned a memory area in the microcontroller in the form of a buffer. The data of multiple inputs is written to the SPI buffer. If data is written to this buffer quicker than it is read by the Raspberry Pi, the buffer will be full after a certain time due to its memory restrictions. In such a case, no more data can be written and a buffer overflow occurs. As soon as the buffer is read, the device continuous to process data.
  • Serious (system) errors: The device is running a self-test after each reset. If an error occurs during hardware initialization, the ERROR LED flashes in a constant pattern. The device can no longer be used in this case. If a restart does not resolve the problem, please contact the Rooco support team.

You can read the system errors clicking Check settings in info tab of Moitessier HAT app.

The error is coded as bit pattern:

  • Bit 0: GNSS failed
  • Bit 1: AIS receiver 1 failed
  • Bit 2: AIS receiver 2 failed
  • Bit 3: SPI host interface failed
  • Bit 4: UART host interface failed

e.g. system errors = 0x00000011→GNSS and UART host interface failed