OPcanUSB Input data by slcand

This tutorial is for any NMEA 2000 converter that can connect via USB using slcand such as the CANable devices.

First of all you have to define the device using the OpenPlotter Serial app. Then go back to this OpenPlotter CAN Bus app and click OPcanUSB Add device in OPcanUSB slcand tab:


Select the device you defined in the OpenPlotter Serial app and click OK:


From this moment you should receive data on your device. Select the item from the list and click OPcancheck Check device traffic to confirm data entry:

../_images/canSlcand3.png ../_images/canSlcand4.png

Now we need to get this data to the Signal K server. Select the item from the list and click OPcanSK Add Connection. The Signal K server will restart and you are done:

../_images/canSlcand5.png ../_images/canSlcand6.png

Go to the Signal K server administrator to confirm that the connection has been made:


Check OpenCPN to make sure there is a connection to the Signal K server and you are getting data from your NMEA 2000 network: