Level Platform Download
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 4 *
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 4 *
  • Debian derivative 32-bit
  • Debian derivative 64-bit *
OpenPlotter Settings deb
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 4 *
OpenPlotter pi-gen

* Recommended

What to choose?

Some OpenPlotter features are exclusive for Raspberry Pi but if you do not need them you can install OpenPlotter in any computer running a Linux Debian derivative like Ubuntu, Linux Mint or even Raspberry PI OS. That is the first question you should ask yourself.

We try to provide solutions for everyone, from newbies to experts. The second question would be, what do I know about Linux? or even, I am a Linux expert but I feel lazy, should I choose a ready-to-use option? The text below will help you answer these questions.


This is the easiest and fastest way of having OpenPlotter working. Our OpenPlotter distributions are based on Rasbian. We publish different editions according to the most demanded uses containing all the required apps installed and preconfigured. Just plug and sail!

OpenPlotter Starting - All required apps to fulfill most OpenPlotter marine features.

Installed apps:Settings, OpenCPN installer, Signal K installer, Xygrib, Network, Dashboards, Serial, CAN, Docs

OpenPlotter Headless - Starting edition apps ready to be used remotely without monitor.

Installed apps:Starting edition.
Settings:WiFi access point enabled, ssh enabled, remote desktop enabled.

OpenPlotter Moitessier HAT - Starting edition apps plus required apps to use the Moitessier HAT out of the box.

Installed apps:Starting edition, I2C, Pypilot.
Settings:GNSS reception, AIS reception, compass, hell, pitch, pressure.

OpenPlotter À la Carte (under construction) - Starting edition apps plus any app of your election. You will be able to customize some settings too.

Installed apps:
Customizable settings:

You do not need previous knowledge of Linux to install and use these OpenPlotter distributions. Follow the basic manual to install them on your SD card.


You can install OpenPlotter from scratch in any computer running your favourite Debian derivative distribution, and of course in Raspberry PI OS. Hovewer, if your distribution is not Raspberry PI OS and your computer is not a Raspberry Pi, you will not be able to install some apps.

Common apps:Settings, Docs, OpenCPN installer, Xygrib, Signal K installer, Dashboards, Network, Serial, CAN, IoT, Signal K filter, Kplex, SDR VHF
Raspberry apps:Pypilot, Moitessier HAT, I2C sensors, GPIO

You need basic knowledge of Linux to install OpenPlotter from scratch. Follow the advanced manual to install OpenPlotter from scratch.


Pi-gen is the tool used to create the official Raspberry PI OS images. We use a fork of pi-gen to create OpenPlotter images. Use the openplotter branch of our repository to create your own OpenPlotter flavor.

You need good knowledge of Linux to create your own OpenPlotter distributions. Follow instructions in README file.