OPsignalk Signal K Installer


To run this app type this in a terminal:


mhelp Help opens an offline copy of this documentation in a browser and mSettings Settings opens the main app OpenPlotter Settings.

OPsignalkReinstall Reinstall Signal K

After installing OpenPlotter Signal K Installer app, the Signal K server should be also installed and you do not have to do anything else to start using it. We add this option in case you need to reinstall the server from scratch if it ever becomes unstable.


Reinstalling the signal K server will remove the current plugins, login credentials and settings.

OPsignalkSettings Settings

OpenPlotter Signal K Installer app installs the server using port 3000 by default. To access the web administration panel of the Signal K server, you can use this URL from the browser included in OpenPlotter:


Or this one from a browser running on any computer connected to the same network:


If you set the port 80 instead the default port 3000, the URLs would be:


You can change the port or enable SSL at any time without losing your current settings. Use OPsignalkApply Apply to save changes or OPsignalkCancel Cancel to reload current settings.

Click OPsignalkVessel Vessel Data to set some important data of your boat like name, MMSI, call sign, draft … You need to login to access this section of the web administration panel.

Logging in

When you first enter the Signal K web administration panel, it will ask you for a name and password to create an administrator account:


Once you do that you will be offered the login page:


The last menu item in the Signal K administrator is Security. You can add/delete users and change passwords there.

More info

To know how data is managed in OpenPlotter you should read the chapter How does it work? in the Description section.

On the official Signal K site you will find a lot of valuable information.

On the Signal K server github page you will also find some interesting information.

There are more than 150 plugins and more than 40 apps to extend the Signal K server features. Go to Appstore ‣ Available to install them: